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During the War of 1812 this “vicious little ship” gained a reputation for “speedily running her challengers under”. In the entire conflict, she is one of only two vessels whose commanders were awarded Congressional Gold Medals for multiple victories – the other being the legendary USS Constitution herself.

But victory at sea is only a part of this ship’s amazing story. Through feats of seamanship, daring and perseverance, Hornet’s crew built a heritage of excellence that has resonated through two centuries and remains ingrained in the U.S. Navy today.

Today, the Naval Heritage Society is on a mission to build a full-scale, fully functional replica of this legendary ship. The completed vessel will serve as home of a revolutionary series of teamwork and leadership programs based on naval discipline and tradition. To learn more about this project, click on the links below.

Hornet's History
Project Team
Designs & Renderings
Hornet's Figurehead


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